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Lorna Malla decoding the Poetic Treasure

What inspired you to start writing?God, the creator’s infinite mesmerizing creation gives me a chance to express my soulful thoughts which inspired me to start writing.How did you get the idea for “Poems in a Treasure”?Each time I wrote a poem, I put it up on a poetry platform and …

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Parts Of A Book: A Publishing Guide For New Authors

The main parts of a book have altered very little throughout the years. Not much has changed from the time of hand-written books, through to printed books and now electronic books. All have ordered elements that remain almost the same. Most people who read your book will have an expectation …

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When Do You Capitalize Mom And Dad And Other Family Names?

For my British and Australian readers, yes, the title of this article could also read, mum and dad. Despite the spelling difference, the punctuation rules defining when to capitalize the words are the same. So when do you capitalize mom and dad, or mum and dad? The answer is that …

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