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Amazon Keyword Character Limit Can Help You Improve Sales

Amazon keywords are often called hidden keywords. When you sell on Amazon, you can optimize your product by adding keywords to your Amazon listing. These words do not appear on your Amazon product page, but they will hopefully appear when customers use search queries to find what they are looking …

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Should You Use Question Tags In Fiction Writing?

Question tags, which are often called tag questions in American English, are very common in spoken English. They are easy to form by using the auxiliary verb to turn a statement into a question. You live in San Francisco, don’t you? By using rising or falling intonation, we can say …

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Are You Looking For A Free Plagiarism Checker?

Before you publish, it’s always a good idea to do a check for plagiarism. You are writing original content. But perhaps some parts of what you write might be duplicate content. It is not the same as copied content, though. If you use a plagiarism detector, you can edit or …

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Can Free SEO Tools Do Everything You Need?

If you have a new website or blog, you want to track your progress in search results. You also want to be able to use basic search engine optimization (SEO) to improve, refine, and audit your site. Any new blogger can find a lot of free SEO tools on the …

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What Is The Past Perfect Tense And How Do You Use It?

The past perfect tense is very useful in writing. We use it to show that an action occurred before another action in the past. It is a tense that concisely creates order without using time clause expressions like, and then or afterward. Although it is a perfect tense because it …

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How To Self-Publish A Book For New Authors

Do you want to know how to self-publish a book or an ebook? It’s quite easy to do once you learn the basics. Can you succeed in self-publishing books and ebooks? Yes, many self-published authors and writers are achieving success by taking control of their work and becoming author-publishers. While some …

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