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Parts Of A Book: A Publishing Guide For New Authors

The main parts of a book have altered very little throughout the years. Not much has changed from the time of hand-written books, through to printed books and now electronic books. All have ordered elements that remain almost the same. Most people who read your book will have an expectation …

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The Best Grammarly Alternatives – Free And Paid

Grammarly is unquestionably a fantastic grammar, punctuation, and spelling checker. There is no doubt that it is one of the best grammar checking tools on the market today. However, it is quite expensive at around $30.00 per month or $140.00 for an annual subscription. For new writers who are just …

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Writing Tools Every Working Writer Needs Today

Writing tools today are a long way removed from typewriters and carbon paper. The days of sending or posting typed or printed manuscripts are well and truly over. Every word you write now is digital, electronic, and published via the Internet. You exchange drafts by email or share them on Google …

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When The Plot Of A Story Gets Things Wrong

Fiction writing only works when the plot of a story makes perfect sense to a reader. “The king died, and then the queen died” is a story. “The king died, and then the queen died of grief” is a plot. E. M. Forster It’s an old quote, but I was …

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What Is Social Proof? 10 Simple Examples You Can Use

The term, social proof definition originates from a 1984 book by Robert Cialdini titled, Influence. It is also sometimes called informational social influence. It is a behavior that thinks other people have more knowledge about a situation. Take a circumstance when someone is thinking about buying products or services. In today’s …

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Fiction Character Profile Template With Example

Character development is an essential component of fiction writing. You need to get to know your fictional characters well before you write your story. No matter what genre you are writing, you should create profiles for your main or major characters before you begin. The best way of organizing your …

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Fantasy Writing Tools For Paranormal Authors

Are you ready to start writing a fantasy novel? Well, nothing is stopping you. It is a fantastic writing genre because you can let your imagination run totally free. Another good reason is that fantasy stories are very popular with readers and especially young adults. If you are eager and …

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Blond Or Blonde? Why Do We Use Two Different Words?

Blond or blonde? Why do we use two different nouns and adjectives for fair hair color? The word blond is a noun or adjective that is masculine, and blonde is the feminine form. It is most unusual to use gender-specific grammar and vocabulary in the English language today. But the …

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