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Getting to know Nitin Shah, author of Destiny of Choice.

1. What inspired you to start writing?

Knowing that I can reach out to a larger audience and help them make a difference in the quality of their life is what inspired me to start writing.

2. How did you get the idea for Destiny of Choice?

Destiny of Choice is based on the events that took place in my life while I was pursuing my relationship. Given that my partner and me come from different religions and that her family was very orthodox, there were specific challenges that we faced which had to be addressed in ways that were quite unique. While I wasgoing through these events, I knew that the story that I was living had everything… romance, mystery, adventure, betrayal, heartbreak, euphoria, personal growth and transformation. So, converting these events into a book was according to me the most obvious thing to do.

3. What inspired you to write a self- help book?

While the story had everything that I have mentioned above and more, the most important thing about the story is that it literally can act as a handbook for setting and achieving goals while enjoying the journey that we embark on during our pursuit of these goals.

The learnings and perspectives that I have gained due to these experiences have shaped my life and have helped me live a happier, healthier and a more fulfilling life.

Finally, the responses from people that I receivedevery-time I shared a part of my experiences during my training programs and coaching sessions, made me realize the importance of sharing the story and the learning with others. People would tell me that listening to these experiences has literally helped them change their perspectives about life. I would get feedback about how they have started applying learnings from my life experiences and have noticed an improvement in the quality of their life and the degree of happiness they experience in their life.

4. Can you tell us more about Destiny of Choice?

On one hand, Destiny of Choice is a tale of romance and its tragic challenges and on the other hand, it is an incredibly powerful manual for living a happy life.

It is an incredibly engaging and thrilling love story that begins in the college library. If you are thinking, “What a cliché!”, wait. What follows is the opposite of any cliché.

Intertwined in this love story, is a formula to living a happy, meaningful life! The story makes us realize that while we run after happiness and success, based on notions derived from motivational literature and spiritual philosophies, life is happening within us and all around us. The second half of the book revolves around how the story teaches us important lessons in life and happiness – how to not lose track of what is important, how to ask the right questions that matter, and how you can achieve even your wildest dreams!

5. How would you describe your writing experience so far?

I took time, in fact a really long time to complete this book. That said theoverall writing experience was really good, though to be true I had help from a lot of people around. My friends and colleagues would go through the book again and again to help me with the edits, feedback and suggestions. As a result, the final product is engaging and crisp.

6. What has been your biggest challenge in being an author?

To get started was probably the most difficult part. There were always things that seemed more important or more urgent in the beginning.

7. How much time do you give for writing?

Writing for me doesn’t take as much of a time as the time required for initial conceptualization of what I want to write about. Now that I have started working on the next two books, around 2 hours every day I would say.

8. Are you working on a new book? Can you give us a hint on what the theme of the book is?

There are two new books that I am working on. The next one is going to be again a self-help guide which would be based on various discussions I have had on specific topics related to life, happiness and managing our thoughts and emotions.

And then there is a book for mental health professionals which will be a manual of sorts for eclectic approach to therapy.

9. How does it feel being a published author?

I feel happy that finally I have been able to complete the book and get it published, specially because of the potential of the book to change lives. But I am not sure if I have really been able to grasp the meaning and the feeling of being a published author as yet. I think it will take sometime for me to really experience the feeling fully.

10. What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

The advice that I would give to aspiring authors is don’t think how good or bad your book will be before writing. This becomes the biggest block that stops us from starting. It is a good idea to first write the initial draft and then take a feedback from people around you. That way you are not guessing about the quality of your writing. Also if you are like me, who is more comfortable with talking, then it maybe easier for you to first create a framework for your book in terms of the chapter names. And then talk about each chapter with someone who you can have meaningful discussions with. Record the discussion and transcript it. The transcript can literally act as your initial draft for each chapter and then you can start working on bringing it all together and editing.

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