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Getting to know Mohit Mordani author of “The Adfecttus Manifesto”

1. What inspired you to start writing?

I always loved to listen to stories, read them and watch them and marvelled at the way the characters could be conjured out of thin air and live and breathe. It was this fascination that led me to start writing about characters and the fictitious life that they could lead in a different realm of reality.

2. How did you get the idea for Adfecttus Manifesto?

It had actually begun with an idea to write about the seven sins but as I began working on the stories they evolved to be centered around the basic emotions that we feel. Each story in the book represents one emotion that stands out and rings louder than all others.

3. What inspired you to write short stories?

When I began writing I had a lot of stories to tell and writing a single novel for each one of them would have taken a long time. But the beauty about short stories is that they are a more condensed form of storytelling which cuts out all the additional flesh a story is wrapped in. This way the reader can experience numerous stories in the same time taken to finish a single novel.

4. Can you tell us more about the Adfecttus Manifesto?

The Adfecttus Manifesto is basically the way all of us feel about things that we wanted to do but never could, or did and never liked it. These are the things that latch onto you even after you depart from life and may be the reason you are still anchored to this life even after your time. My goal with this book was to basically ask the reader to stop, take a step back and just look at the big picture. Based on this idea I wrote stories about different people in different settings, which turned out to be interestingly fun and not preachy at all

5. How would you describe your writing experience so far?

It has been extraordinary because one moment you staring at the blank wall in your room and the next second you are plunged into a world of your own creation, playing the creator and destroyer at the same time, trying to put in obstacles for the characters to stumble upon and learn and stand tall.

6. What has been your biggest challenge in being an author?

There are times when you get up from bed, get ready and sit to write a wonderful story but the characters just won’t move. It happens to me from time to time and I just have to sit back and let them guide me and tell me where they want to go. It is certainly not a big challenge but at times I tend to fight with the characters about what I have in mind for them and what they want to do( I Know this sounds crazy, but crazy gives birth to the best literature pieces! )

7. How much time do you give for writing?

I spend approximately an hour or an hour and a half working on my computer. The main aim here is to hit the word count for the day.

8. What genres do you like to read?

I love all the genres as each of them have something different to offer but I have a soft spot Mystery and Horror.

9. Are you working on a new book? Can you give us a hint on what the theme of the book is?

Indeed I am. The theme is basically got to do with the paths we choose in our life and their consequences. It’s not another boring, preachy story but a work in progress.

10. Which Author/Poets did you admire as a child?

I loved reading Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton and RL Stine as each of them worked their own magic on the stories they wrote

11. What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

The easy part is creating something from nothing, the hard part is getting them on paper and refining them until you have extracted that one drop of perfume from a million roses. Good Luck!!

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