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Getting to know C. Ravi Ram author of “The Sunshine Over Backwaters”

About the Author: C. Ravi Ram (Chandralayam Raveendranath Ramachandran) was born in 1973 and grew up as youngest among the four children of his parents in a village of South India. He is a social worker, graduated from the UK, post-graduated from India and a full-time Member of Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, lives with his wife and two children. He travelled around the world as part of his employment and currently stationed in Mumbai. He observes the life in an exclusive verve to masticate the beauty and love within.

About the book: Kashi, a young adolescent boy, begins his voyage in a unique social demographic from the backwaters of South India. He confronts social belongingness and a traditional outlook on life, recognises the lonely journey, bestows an extraordinary strength and gains an awakening experience in the strides and tides of life in a self-disciplined rhythm. He continues on the voyage for a social cause, a real treasure, and exists in blissful consciousness. A gripping fiction that will remain etched in reader’s mind.

Q1. What inspired you to start writing?

I used to travel on the streets of Mumbai and was a regular commuter of jam-packed local trains in my initial stage of career in construction industry. The events, incidents and experiences in my lonely journey were quiet peculiar irrespective of small, big, right or wrong in my own perception. The synergy and ethos on the Mumbai streets were beyond my imaginations as a person from rural back ground. Initially it was tough task, but later I started enjoying those events and incidents.  I realized; it would be worth start relating, extending it to village life and scribble down such mere experiences in a peculiar genre which I could read and relate.  I think; that was the real trigger to start writing.

Q2. What inspired you to write “The Sunshine Over Backwaters”?

In fact, evolving to the fiction “The sunshine Over Backwaters” is coincidence, eventually it happened. My village, childhood, middleclass or lower middle class life style influenced throughout my journey, even in corporate life I observed successful corporates had some connect to villages, they cherished in similar thoughts.  In my village, waterbodies, flood, boats and political propagandas were part of existence itself, interrelated beyond an imagination

Q3. Why did you choose the title as “The Sunshine Over Backwaters”?

I brought up from a village surrounded by water bodies. Always and always, the Sunshine Over Backwaters began with story of village. The dynamic natures of sunshine on backwaters are always in mind; its intensity varies with time and tune of waterbody. Life experiences are lot in similar, it is dynamic, tune with space and existence. Hope you are there with me

Q4. Can you tell us more about “The Sunshine Over Backwaters”?

It all about a voyage of a young boy Kashi who encounters life in his own peculiar experience, he realizes that everything happened around has a reason, universe want to convey some message though every incidents he come across. Most of us are in extreme rush, we never get an opportunity to see through, and realize there are universal touch for every incidents around us. The book will explore and torch you to some similar incidents you came across, which have some influence at present or later stage of our life journey.

Q5. How did you come up with the idea of writing a fiction genre book?

It is creative process, the observer has macro/micro detailing, and imagination beyond certain dimensions unified to fiction genre. As I progressed with my passion for writing, it happened.

Q6. What did you do to promote and market your book?

Indeed, no effort till recent time, but my publisher encourage for self-marketing. Now I realized that marketing and promotional events are inevitable to have better sales.

Q7. Are you writing a new book? Can you give us a hint on what it is about?

Yes, it in progress and it is a Fiction. Yet to conclude, it will be a new experience to the readers around.

Q8. What type of genres did you read as a child?

Fairytales, stories of Mahabharata and Ramayana, even lots more 

Q9. Who are your favorite authors and poets?

Charles Dickens and Herman Hesse.  

Q10. How has the response been towards “The Sunshine Over Backwaters”?

Good response and trust book will grab attention of readers soon. Indeed, I am not in hurry let it happen its own phase.

Q11. How much time do you give for writing?

Not sure, it is a process; story thread triggers its own. No definite or planned timeline for writing, it is a continuous process; it evolves with time and thought process.

Q12. What do you prefer digital books or print book?

Print Book; it gives immense of freedom. Digital books are surely environmental friendly, I am trying redefining my own preferences. 

Q13. What is your experience with publishing your book?

Though it was difficult journey, I would not prefer to give the list of publishers I approached, but surely it was an interesting learning curve. Finally it went well.

Q14. What Any suggestions for the budding writers and readers?

Be a good observer, learn to relate, read more and more.

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