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Modi: Leadership, Governance and Performance by Vivian Fernandes Review

Modi: Leadership, Governance and Performance by Vivian Fernandes

Election fever is all time high in the country. One thing which we heard most in this election was Gujarat Models. BJP and allies promoting it and Congress and other vehemently criticizing it. But each time we were hearing about Gujarat Model.

So what is Gujarat Model. Little do we, as common people, have understanding of what exactly is Gujarat model on whose basis Modi and BJP commits to develop India and which Congress and other opposition party calls eyewash and nothing else.

Vivian Fernandes through his newly released book Modi: Leadership, Governance and Performance tries to give a picture of Gujarat Model for better understanding.

As the title of the book suggest, Gujarat Model stands on three stringent pillar. They are Leadership, Governance and Performance. Well even we have heard Modi saying that he believes in minimum government and maximum governance.

Vivian, who is a journalist by profession and is in this field for more than three decades, has done extensive study about the development of Gujarat.

There is not only industrial development both in private and public sector in Gujarat but also agricultural growth as well. Gujarat is a semi-arid state and has clocked an eight percent agricultural growth rate.

Opposition criticizes Modi for favoring only big business houses but according to book even small businesses are flourishing in Gujarat. Though his policy are pro- Big Business but small business are also not neglected.

Vivian has showered heaps of praise on Modi and narrated in details with facts about various facets of Gujarat development model but this is not a overly pro Modi book.

He has called Modi an autocrat and his administration failed to cease the riots in 2002. And of course there are also some shortcoming in his governance as well which is discussed in details in the book.

Verdict: Unbiased Political books are very difficult to be written. Modi by Vivian Fernandes if praises Modi doesn’t forget to lash at his shortcoming. A must read for better understanding of the Gujarat model.

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