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Love Stories That Touched My Heart Edited by Ravinder Singh Review

Love Stories That Touched My Heart

Love Stories That Touched My Heart is a collection of very short love stories written by various budding and aspiring writers. All these stories were complied together by Ravinder Singh through an all India writing competition and was given a title Love Stories That Touched My Heart.

There are around 24 love stories in the book. All are love story in some way or other depicted various forms of love which has touched individuals in the stories in their life.

Some love stories has happy ending like A Train to My Marriage by Vandana Sharma One Night Stand in Hariharapuram by Mohan Raghavan, most of them have sad and ending, some of the stories have very abrupt like The Girl Behind the Counter by Omkar Khanderkar, Synchronicity by Jyoti Visvanath.

There is a love story Just Because…(It is big Title) by Anjali Khurana which starts as one but then at end it ends up like a passing friendly love affair. I would have liked if that guy was thrashed.

Most of the stories are written in first person only a few are written as the third person. All of them are decent stories but I tried to read it in one day as a result got overdose of love story. May be now I have to read some thriller.

Some of the stories were very intriguing and well written like Flirting by Vinaya Nadkani, Cheers to Love by Renu Sethi, A Tale of Two Strangers by Swagata Pradhan, The Most Handsome by Kaviya Kamaraj.

Verdict: It is a good time pass but do not read them all at once or else you will soon wear out the desire to read more.

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