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Hindustani Classical Music by Vijay Prakash Singha Review

 Hindustani Classical Music is written Vijay Prakash Singha

An Introduction To Hindustani Classical Music is written Vijay Prakash Singha as a guidebook for the young aspirants music lover both for the learners and especially for the classical music listeners. You might love to hear Indian classical music. It is easy to get swayed by the sheer power and yet the soothing effect of Indian ragas.

But you might not able to differentiate one raga from another. Do not have the understanding of note, tempo and rhythm in a raga. All this could be really frustrating. And often you could shy away from the classical music and settle for hindi songs which are not so abstruse after all.

It is to help out such people Vijay Prakash Singha’s An Introduction To Hindustani Classical Music comes handy. He himself is not a musician or musicologist, but just like us a lover of Indian classical music. But with years of listening he has developed formidable understanding of the Indian music.

This is what he is sharing in his book  An Introduction To Hindustani Classical Music. The book is written in a simple and easy-to-comprehend style, it delves into the understanding of raga sangeet, semi-classical and fusion music, raga sangeet in Hindi films, as well as the future of classical music in India. He also give information about different musical instruments and there differentiation with similar looking instruments. He also shares the story behind the creation of different musical instruments.

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