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The Steradian Trail by by MN Krish Review

The Steradian Trail by by MN Krish

The Steradian Trail by by MN Krish is a newly released murder mystery thriller novel. The book is still undercover as a result not many knows about it as yet. But if you plan to read something like Dan Brown’s books then this could be the one.

Though no one can write murder mysteries like Dan Brown with lots of symbolism. MN Krish has also weaved a murder mystery plot and used religion, mythology, economics, mathematics, computer science and history to solved the murder mess. Readers will keep shuffling between the ancient & modern worlds.

The book is in action from the first chapter itself. The story begins with the murder of a criminal genius Jeffrey. Before dying he leaves behind a clue for the professor Joshua Ezekiel who is a world-renowned computer scientist at MIT. He is helped by his friend Lakshman who is also a professor along with his student Divya.

This was in nutshell the outline of the story The Steradian Trail. It is an out and out thriller book which kept me hooked to the book and my chair till the end.

Something which irritates me is the use of heavy words
in many places which for me is utter gibberish since I was not able to make out what writer exactly want to say. As a result I did skip reading some of the portions of the book.

Verdict: One time good read.

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