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Like it Happened Yesterday by Ravinder Singh Review

Like it Happened Yesterday by Ravinder Singh

Like it Happened Yesterday is the third book from Ravinder Singh. Since I didn’t enjoy much reading his first two books ITHALS and Can Love Happen Twice?, I was not expecting much from this book as well. But I’d be lying if I say, I didn’t like the book. Actually for a change I enjoyed reading it thoroughly.

So what this book is all about. Well, like Ravinder kept telling in his interview his third book is not about love story. So his third novel is about his childhood memories. He has written about many of his pleasant and embarrassing moments of childhood right from his first day of school to his last day schooling.

The book start with the bang. The first chapter of the book First Day, First School will make everyone nostalgia. It was the first day of his school and little Ravinder cried his heart out. I think, barring a very few children, all must have cried on their first day of school. The author has portrayed the emotions very well.

There are many chapters in the book which are very hilarious and it made me laugh out loud much to the surprise of my co-passenger in Metro who might have thought that I have gone insane.

The book is very relatable and one incident or other mentioned in the novel could have happen with any adult during his childhood days. Childhood memories could be different for a girl and boy but still it was nice peek into the boy’s mind what trash goes on in their mind once they are approaching adulthood.

Verdict: Overall it was a good read. Anyone can enjoy this light hearted novel and recall their good old days of childhood. Do check out the video it says a lot of things.

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