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Inferno byDan Brown Review

Inferno byDan Brown

Our favorite Robert Langdon, an art history professor at Harvard University is back with new adventure in Dan Brown’s new book Inferno.

Inferno is also a typical Dan Brown style thriller. Two or more incidents running in parallel. Initially difficult to understand what the fuss all about but things start falling in places as the story progresses. Robert assisted by a beautiful intelligent woman unearthing the symbols and their meaning and running everywhere.

Inferno is like any other Dan Brown’s novel in Robert Langdon series. But still the author comes with interesting plots in each of his novels. Symbols and their explanations are mindblowing. Inferno is no different.

In this new book Inferno, Bertrand Zobrist is a brilliant scientist who has a theory that planet Earth is over burden with ever increasing population and humanity will be soon to extinction. In his lieu to save mankind he put into place a master plan to destroy the entire world. Now it is up to Robert Langdon and assisted by a WHO team to save the world.

The novel begins with Robert suffering from amnesia and lost any recollection of the past few days. His loss of memory became a jigsaw puzzle and Dan Brown smartly puts each piece till the whole picture become clear to reader. This makes the book completely riveting and engrossing.

There are many twist and turns in the book all of them are fairly unexpected and unpredictable. It was difficult to guess what will happen next. This is the specialty of Dan Brown’s writing. He knows very well how to keep readers attached to the book.

Verdict: Inferno is no doubt an excellent book as a consequence one of the best fiction book of 2013. Inferno has been translated into numerous languages like Spanish, French, Turkish, German, Italian.

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