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Dark Witch by Nora Roberts Review

Dark Witch by Nora Roberts

Welcome to the world of supernatural and magic. Well I’m talking about new series by Nora Roberts. It is The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy and first book in the series is the Dark Witch. There two more books to follow in this. The second one The Shadow Spell is expected to be out in March 2014.

Dark Witch introduces three Dark Witch named Iona, Branna, Connor who are haunted the an evil power called Cabhan. When I started reading, I was expecting some deadly fights between the witches and Cabhan, many magical spells and narrow escapes which will surely to rise the adrenaline.

There were a few encounters between them but nothing which brought me to the edge of the chair or fill me with fear. The story is mainly told through the dialogues between the various characters in the story and there is very little bit of narration. I’d have done with some more narration. There was hardly any insight about the characters though Ireland country has been described very well. Most of the conversation were downright boring to read.

The main focus of the story was the third witch that is Iona. The whole story revolves around her. She was new into it. She was learning the magical spell and was also a soft target of Cabhan as well. In between there was also a love story between Iona and her boss Boyle which made the chunk part of the story.

Actually after reading the book I felt that it is more of a love story in the feign of dark magic though we hardly could see any substantial magic in the entire book.

So my thoughts are though it started with a bang as a story full of dark magic but it end up being a love story with few action here and there. May be we will see more of action in the coming book shadow spell with a solid plot to back it up.

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