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The Secret – Hero by Rhonda Byrne Review

Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda Byrne, the author of The Secrets is back with her new book Hero motivating people to rise above the odds and do something worthwhile. She is doing so from the inspirational stories of 12 people who rose from rags to riches, from unknown to known personalities.

Those 12 famous personality about whom the author writes are Liz Murray, GM Rao, Laird Hamilton, Anastasia Soare, Paul Orfalea, Peter Burwash, Mastin Kipp, Pete carroll, Peter Foyo, John Paul Dejoria, Michael Acton smith, Layne Beachley

All of them had a very poorly humble beginning. Even they themselves might not imagine during that time in future they will be famous personalities. Well known figures in their fields.

In her book, Rhonda has covered only 12 people but there are thousands of people all around us who didn’t succumb to cruelty life throws them into. Instead they fought to live a better life. And the secret recipe of all these people, according to Rhonda is not outside but within oneself.

Rhonda says that every human being has some special power and ability to fight odds, to overcome obstacles, to meet challenges. The only delay is in recognizing the power within you and to arise it. If one manage to do so then they are HERO.

Verdict: Some might find the book very motivating and inspiring in such a way that if they can do it why can’t I. For others it may be yet another motivating book from a notable writer nothing else. All depends up on your perception.

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