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The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly Review

The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly

The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly is my first book in the series of Lincoln Lawyer Novels. What an outstandingly written book it is. Special thanks to my nephew Priyank for suggesting the book to me. There are six books in the Lincoln Lawyer novels series including the newly released The Gods of Guilt. I’m rearing to read all of them. Among them The Gods of Guilt is already on the way as I’ve ordered it on Amazon India.

Coming back to the novel. In the book, Michael Connelly gives a decent insight about the ways in which lawyers works. They have whole lot of tricks up the sleeves to squeeze as much money as possible from the clients. How they manipulates the lies and search cracks in the truth to save the neck of the client.

The author shows all this through the hero of the series Mickey Haller. He is not the honest lawyer but soon you will start liking him(in case if it is your first book in the series). After the long time Mickey finds an innocent client but as the story moves forward things doesn’t seems the way as it appears. Soon he finds himself falling to the prey.

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The story is very fast paced, gripping and nail biting. I have to keep reminding myself to breath. Haller is dealing with many cases at a time but it is the case of Louis Roulet around whose the whole novels revolves.

There are many layers in the story and truth remains hidden under those layers of lies. Each layer leads to more suspense in the story. Once the cat is out the bag “what will happen next” will keep you reading further. The author keeps throwing surprises. So much so that the book The Lincoln Lawyer becomes simply unputdownable.

Verdict: Its five starer book. If you are interested in the courtroom thriller then this is the one to read. A must read.

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