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Faster than Lightning by Usain Bolt Review

Faster than Lightning by Usain Bolt

Like Bolt, Like Book. Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the Earth. And his autobiography Faster than Lightning gives a similar feeling. It is a very well paced book in fact I could feel the pace in it.

Oh man, Usain has written his autobiography right from his heart. He wrote what was in his heart and what was on top of his mind. There is nothing called calculative writing or premeditated writing. Since the words were flowing out from him, it always gave me feeling that he is sitting right in front of me and telling his story. You will also find some slang words often like cuss etc.

In his autobiography, Usain tells us about his mantra for success. He thanks god several times in the book for gifting him the raw and natural talent for running. Killer instinct right before the finishing line, bundle of energy, love for competition, enjoying his success, trust your mental strength, never let success go to your head that will become your own enemy, ways t handle stress are some of his secrets behind his success.

Usain has perfectly recalled his each memorable victory. His feelings just before the run, during and after and each one of them stopped my heart. In fact his splendid description compelled me to watch all his videos on You Tube.

His autobiography is just not telling us about the winning. Usain specifically talks about his failures, shortcoming, weakness, accidents and injuries. Usain was so young when he achieved so much. He could have easily got carries away by it. But he thanked to his parents, teachers, coach and grace of god to keep him levelheaded.

Usain has given insights of tremendous hard work every sportsperson put, long hours of training, pain to achieve glory.

Through out the book I kept saying some photographs could have done wonders. Why there aren’t any. But there are loads of them right at the end of the book.

I have read two back to back autobiography of runner. Faster than Lightning my Autobiography by Usain Bolts, is the fastest man of the planet and Race of My Life by Milkha Singh, is fastest man of India. Both the books gives the same message of but approach is rather different.

While Usain is young. He gives his message in more fun and hip hop style.

Milkha Singh on the other hand is 77 years old when he wrote his autobiography and seen the worse in his life. And survive very adverse situation through his sheer grit and will power. He gives his message on the serious note.

I’m not trying to compare between the two books. Both have rose up from difficult situation to achieve what one can only dream of but just pondering how age , experience and cruelty of life brings changes to one’s approach.

Verdict:Faster than Lightning My Autobiography By Usain Bolt is a must read for all the Usain Bolt fans and even if you are not then also it is worth a read.

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