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Eat Move Sleep by Tom Rath Review

 Eat Move Sleep

The bestseller motivational author Tom Rath has done years of detail research on lifestyle and how small changes in your eating, moving and sleeping habits would help you to lead a healthy and longer life. It is all complied in a book called Eat Move Sleep: How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes.

There are around 30 chapters in the book each covering various topics connected to eating, sleeping and movement. At the end of each chapter he summarizes all the details in three points. Tom Rath encourages his readers at least try to imbibe those points in their life as much as possible may be slowly but steadily.

The motto of this book is very simple eat right, sleep tight and try to keep your body in motion. According to Tom three of them are interconnected with each and keeping them right keeps the body fit.

Some of the chapters are particularly good like Make Inactivity Your Enemy where he says that we spend most of our waking hours sitting which poses great health problems like diabetes and obesity and many other which is doubled by crave for unhealthy food.

He gives many suggestion to keep your body active and in motion. Some of them which I liked most are do all your sitting work standing and walk while you talk on phone, use gadgets like pedometers or Fitbit etc to keep track on number of steps taken throughout the day.

Many of the facts in the book are eye opener, there are suggestion which are worth following. Another chapter Empty Stomach, Bad Choices is one such chapter. Tom clearly states that we end up eating more unhealthy food when running empty stomach. This fact is so true. Instead we should always keep something worthwhile to eat with us in order to avoid impulsive eating.

Verdict: Buy it, borrow it, rent it, download it; if you are a health conscious person do read it for sure. Also try to follow it as well. Do not try to read the whole book in one sitting. Take your time, let the facts and suggestions sink in and strategize the things accordingly.

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