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Come on Inner Peace by Sachin Garg Review

Come on Inner Peace by Sachin Garg

Come on Inner Peace by Sachin Garg is a sort of bollywood movie which has a great start, a good message to deliver and good plot yet went terribly wrong due to some superfluous and illogical story line up.

It is the story about three characters who in the course of their life has lost peace of mind. Love being the common emotional grief in all the three of them but in different form. One has lost peace due to loss of his loved one, another due to rejection in love and last character due to disowned in love. Due to this their life has gone haywire. Rest of the story was about how they attain their peace back.

It is a good plot to write on but was handled in a poorly manner. The book Come On Inner Peace I Don’t Have All Day starts with a bang. You will instantly get engrossed in book. Each character’s story unfolds slowly but interestingly keeping up the interest.

Loosing your loved ones or rejection could make people emotionally unstable and bringing their life to a standstill. But when all the cards are open and you start using your logic then things just does not make any sense. It becomes unbelievable and unrelatable.

But by the end author couldn’t manage to keep the grip over the story. Author was in the hurry to finish the book with an happy ending and all is well kind of thing. Which really does not justify the superb start of the book. It has a very slack climax some a typical bollywood ends.

Apart from this there are many spelling and grammatical mistakes which are very glaring which does not make the book very good to read.

Not worth a read.

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