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I too Has a Love Story by Ravinder Singh Review

 I too Has a Love Story by Ravinder Singh

I started reading I too Has a Love Story by Ravinder Singh after completing The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton. The two are completely different novels belonging to different genre, different writing style so it took me quite a while to adjust to the writing of Ravinder Singh.

I too had a Love Story is a tale of love and bond between a girl and boy and how fate separate them forever. It is written in a contemporary and free flowing style. Some might like it others may not, but the book is in easy to read language.

More than half of the book is about the sweet romance between the two. Making promises to each other to keep and planning for the future. There is nothing extraordinary about the way it is written. Just like any bollywood movie.

But then moments comes in the book when you sit up and concentrate. It is the last time when Khushi and Ravin are together in Ravin’s dream in which Khushi comes to bid her final goodbyes to Ravin before leaving the Earth to start a new journey. It is this scene author has poured his emotion. It touches the heart.

There is nothing new the way he describes the romantic life of Ravin and Khushi, but traces of melancholy is profuse when they are separated. It will make you cry.

Reading I too has a Love Story makes me recall a similar, but more profound book A Walk To Remember by Nicolas Spark. It is mindblowing romantic novel, also based on real life love story, of Love and Separation due to fate will remain close to your heart forever.

There is another one 2 States by Chetan Bhagat which is also a romantic novel about a Punjabi boy and Tamil girl and marriage issues due to different states but has a happy ending.

Verdict: SO SO. You could read it if looking for a simple love story novel. The book has been published in other languages  like Hindi and Telugu. If you plan to buy I too Had a Love Story then I’d suggest to go for A Walk to Remember . It is far better book then I Too Had a Love Story.

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