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The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger Review

The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada novel written by Lauren Weisberger was released in 2003. And even today, after the release of its sequel Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns in June, 2013, the part 1 is an evergreen best-seller. Teens of every generation loves to read it.

I have already watched the movie. And it is awesome. It is the movie inspired me to read the novel. Usually books are always better than their adaptation on the silver screen. So did I enjoy the book as much as the movie. Lets find out.

Well in the book, the story is about the horrendous behavior of a boss named Miranda Priestly who considered herself more important than anything. So her orders should be carried out blindly and things has to be manipulated for her convenience. She’s cold, cutting, brutally honest and has sky-high expectations that exceed what’s physically impossible most of the time. In short a kind of boss which everyone dread to work for.

She makes the life of her assistant editor Andrea Sachs a living hell and her first job becomes nightmare of her life. But she bears with everything just to meet her dream of her life to be a writer of The New Yorker magazine.

This was in short the brief outline of the novel. Lauren do manage to instill the feeling of fear for Miranda in the mind of both Andrea and readers equally. The episodes between Andrea and Mirandas send chills down the spine. But the entire book is about Mirandas superfluous behaviour and her arrogance and Andrea’s growing frustration within and the impact which it was inflicting on her personal life. It makes the story a wad more drag and boring.

As a reader I started looking for some vengeance for Andrea. Her over smarting Miranda. There was a comic relief initially in the book but otherwise the book is completely dry and runs with the same tone throughout.

It took Andrea almost a whole year and to me reading the whole book when atlast the moment comes when Andrea lashes the f word straight on Miranda’s face loud and clear in front of everyone. This brings out Andrea from her servitude sentance and also provide me some relief as well.

Verdict- All in all I find the book a little frustrating, but one who are into fashion and loves everything about brands and branded product will definitely find the book interesting. Lauren talks profusely about various prestigious brands and also gives insight of the fashion magazine world and how things works.

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