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Upon a burning throne by Ashok K. Banker

Upon A Burning Throne By Ashok K. Banker
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Q:your favorite Mythological fiction? …

This book is a retelling of Well known mythology book Mahabharata and written very differently and uniquely and I really liked the perception of author and it is not at all compared with every alternate mythological fiction available in the market.
This is my first book of author and I enjoyed his writing style, his imagination and the way each and every scene narration which just became live in front of my eyes.
This is first part of book and I really liked it and looking forward to read it’s second book soon.
Story is very well known but when you start reading it, you just dive into characters and narration which is USP of this book and makes it an interesting read.

Adri and shvate are the two successors of Burning throne of Hastinaga and thorn choose them to their heirs but Adri is blind by birth and Shvate is an albino,how they manage their Burnt Empire Legacy or some other girl is the right hire of Krushan Legacy, looking forward to read more about it. .
Thanks @simonandschusterin For providing me a copy of this book.

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