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The Steal by Yuvaraja Dayanidhi

This is a story of Mohan and Sofia who met accidentally outside a bank and just plan to rob a biggest bank of Germany.They hired a team of some retired people to help them during bank robbery but they told them they are on a secret mission.but story takes a sharp twist and turns and their life just turned upside down. I cannot reveal more here so you have to read.

In my opinion story is intresting and plot is good and written like a action movie but drawback of this book is it’s weak narration,when half of the book is left I guessed who is culprit and how blast are happening so there is nothing to excite me.book starts really slow and entry of some new characters in middle makes it more engaging .language used by author is simple and lucid.cover of book is really admirable. you can give it a try if you like mystery and thriller.

My rating :⭐⭐⭐

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