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The Speaking Stone by Ratnadip Acharya

Good morning people !! .

I feel like reading nothing and when then I see on my pile of books for September which are gifted by publishers and authors which is increasing day by day 🙈 I don’t know how.so I said to myself get up and start your day with a new intresting book.lets leave this it will continue forever.
Tell me about yourself .

I finish this book yesterday The Speaking Stone @ratnadipacharya
This is his first book and I must say he did a fabulous job.
Book is a amalgamation of History and mystery.plot is good and I really liked the part which was based on history of Tripura around 1900.India is very rich in its culture,heritage and ancient artifacts every monuments has his own story to tell someone this very first time I read something about Tripura and detailed research on places in and around Tryouts by Ratnadip is commendable.
Story is about Saikat who found a stone on that beautifully carved faces of Shiva, Parvati and Ganesha which is half cut vertically and his curiosity about stone took him to Tripura where she met with Shuvashini who is doing research on stones too.so this story is a journey about how they find a missing piece of stone or they solve the mystery of Speaking Stone?

Language is simple and lucid narration part is little overdone sometime.
I feel like story could be short because sometime story is slow pace and dragging unnecessarily.
I like to read history part beautifully written but when it switched to current period story just lack his charm. So in my opinion a good read for history lovers.
Thanks for giving me opportunity to read your book @ratnadipacharya
Looking forward to read more from you
All d best

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