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The Primrose’s curse a fairytale of an audacious girl

👑Book Review:Primrose’s Curse Fairytale of an audacious girl by Kiara Shankar and Vinay Shankar 💞
Its a beautiful book written by 10 year girl Kiara and her Her father Vinay Shankar.
When it comes to children books i never say no or nor think twice i downlad it and read it with my son.
I am not anyone to judging or rating this because children book are so full of colors and freshness and it gives me lot of energy and happiness.
Content:story is about a girl named Primrose who lives in a cottage with her family,they are very poor and one day her mother got died and her father got paralyzed now everything comes on her so she stiches clothes to running her house expenses,his brother also worked as a woodcutter. 💕Full Review is on my Blog
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I highly recommend this book to everyone
My Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



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