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The Poisoned heart by Nandini sen Gupta

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The Poisoned Heart @sengupta_nandini
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🏹I am here with my last book of may.
Love and Hate story which make this book an awesome read.
As this is second book in The Gupta Empire Trilogy and I confess that I have not read first part The King within, but at no point of time i feel like that. 🏹
This is first time history fascinate me and it because of @sengupta_nandini Her writing style and in depth thinking and research makes it a very easy and enthralling read.very few writer has some special quality which bound the reader to read it in one go.
This story is so intriguing and intresting which keep me hooked till the end and my heart and mind both are running with so many emotions and questions at the same time.First part is based on Chandragupta and this is based on Skandagupta reign almost after skipping kumargupta rule. 🏹
Best part of this book is characterization ,each Character carved with full heart so it comes out so well,it creates am impression on you. Rvery character has its own importance and aura.
1.Skandagupta become emperor after kumargupta but his first son PuruGupta want to become king but he knows that he stand nowhere near Skanda so he is always doing planning and plotting with his uncle Krishna Vermen to kill Skanda.
2.Supriya,Skanda’s household incharge who take care all his need and always thinks for his well being.
3.Rohini a half-hun assassins,bold and fierce who come to their camp for killing Skanda but ended up with fall in love with Skanda.
Both Rohini and Skanda characters like so real and their talks and jealousy talks entertain us through out.
Language is simple and lucid and some of the scenes are very good and written with so ease that you go with flow.For me a scene which makes me amaze and jaw dropped is Swordplay between Skanda and Rohini.it was too good.

Full Review is on my blog. .
Highly recommend this book to everyone
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