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The Monster Who wasn’t by T. C. Shelley

Book Review : The Monster Who Wasn’t By T. C. Shelley

This book is full with various kinds of monsters and creatures leprechauns, ogre, pixies and gargoyles.story is full with adventures and emotions…. Yes you heard it right a monster story which is emotional too. This book is about how monsters born or came into life. It’s a story about imp boy a monster but looking like a human,everybody was surprised to see him when he hatches.

Story is a journey of Imp boy with Bladders and Wheedle, their talks, adventures and discovering a whole new life for Imp boy. Daniel an angel left him with a new family, Michelle and her family is very happy to see him around because his face is similar to their late granddad.I can not reveal everything here so you have to read this grotesque journey .I could took some time to endulge into this story because starting of story is bit slow and all about monsters and their characteristic.after that story takes a pace and there is no going back and full on engaging read.Language is lucid but some time I have to use dictionary for monsters name.For me this book is a wonderful experience and I recommend this to everyone who love Harry Potter,Fantastic beasts and all young readers

.Thanks @bloomsburyindia For introducing me to whole new world of monsters.

My rating :⭐⭐⭐⭐

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