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The Last Avatar by Vishwas Mudgal

The Last Avatar :Age of Kalki book 1

This cover intrigues me to read this book because at first sight it looks like a mytholohical fiction but story based on today’s generation in future times.
Story starts with prof. Haridas who found some scriptures of God then ‘The invisible man’ a terrorist group attack on them and killed them but soon there came vanaroids(an army of people who looks like Hanuman) who saved these scriptures.
General Jian of China want to become super power of world and met hands with terrorists.India is top on their list and Kalki urf Neel a mask hero of India is missing which is saviour of Indians.
What is mystery behind Kalki,is he a human or avatar of Vishnu?
How he save world from Jian and invisible man?
That you have to read to know more about it.
Story is fast paced and gripping that makes this book intresting.
Politics,history,scifi and mythology all elements are available so it keeps you engaged through out.
Language used by author is simple and lucid.Narration is crisp and clear and to the point.
Some scenes are written so beautifully that you can imagine whole scene happened in real.
Overall it’s an easy and enthralling read.
Recommended to everyone because it has all flavor of all genres.
My Rating :⭐⭐⭐⭐ .

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