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The Future ready organization by Gyan Nagpal

The Future Ready Organization By Gyan Nagpal @harpercollinsin 📌The Future ready organization is best book for those who works in corporates or businesses.it is like a helping guide which can give you so much knowledge and insight about those people or companies like Google and Apple which are you always look up to.
Future Ready means you have to prepare your organization for changes that comes year by year in any industry. If we take example of Kodak who was making picture rolls but now they are finished because they were not changed by the time now it’s an era of digital camera or mobile camera. So we have to took effective measures before time.So we have to hire productive and visionary people in our business, doing research and analysis of culture and changes our product by new and demanding ideas. Oh there is lot more, real stories of big companies,data analysis, case study and diagram presentation of various topics.
Recommended for those who read inspirational and business management books.
Blurb:What do companies like Walt Disney, Apple and Google have in common? How did Apple go from near bankruptcy to becoming the richest company in the world in just fourteen years? How is the nascent success of Airbnb rewiring Marriott’s business model? Is Uber showing us the blueprint of future business? How do the distributed and dynamic capability models powering these businesses distinguish them from traditional competitors? Dynamic Capability Management provides the road map for proactive disruption. It helps modern businesses deal with volatility, rapid growth and new skills in a much smarter manner. This ground-breaking book explains why Dynamic Capability Management is the way to go for the future-ready organization. It demonstrates how traditional management practices are evolving to meet the needs of a blended workforce. It shatters conventional organizational structures, provides a robust new talent framework and presents a practical blueprint to make any business truly future-ready.
Thanks @harpercollinsin for book
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