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The Billionaire’s Funeral by Elijah Brahms

The Billionaire’s Funeral by Elijah Brahms

What a nail biting thriller!

The Billionaire’s Funeral

Publisher:Harper Collins India

Pages:258 ☣️Money,wealth,investor,market,Equity and Hacking are the center of book. ☣️It was like wooohh,the story is fast paced and gripping that i couldn’t stop reading it.it keep me hooked till the end,the twists and turn in the book just blew my mind.i came across a lot of new terminologies which is quite impressive. ☣️The story takes you through so many emotions at the same time,love ,hate pity and anger for the main protagonist Chad Cohen. ☣️Content:Chadwick C.Cohen is a Billionaire investor of NewYork, one day at a buisness dinner in UK his all credit cards are declined,before he can make sense of it he receives a disturbing message on his phone,and with in some time someone sold all his shares. ☣️He got arrested by crime agency for forge his own passport and nobody beleive that he is a billionare.

His reputation and his company all goes in loss and he appointed a hacker Zacca who is an immature guy, to found out who is behind all this.

His friend and partner Mike wants to help him but he also doubt Mike loyality. ☣️Characters is so well written and described there is no confusion between names and characters,this made the book so much interesting. ☣️I was not expecting the end in such a way ,so hats off to author what a well written end and till the last page you can not guess who is the mastermind. ☣️Narration of the story is perfect and in flow.
language is also not tough except some word related market.

I truly loved it, a well written Book.

Book cover is bit dull could be much better.

I highly recommend this book who love to read thriller books.

My Rating:⭐️4.5/5⭐️ Thank you @harpercollinsin @writersmelon For review copy.

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