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Nasteya by Kiran Nirvan

Book Review: Nasteya the Aryan Saga by @authors_kiran_nirvan
One word for it is Awesome
I read someone said it belongs to hollywood and he is correct 100% if this become a movie it is indian version of HP or FB.
I loved it and i can dededicate my whole day to finish it.

Story is about a boy Nasteya from kingdom Saarah and he is very powerful ,one day he got to know that he is not belong to saarah and his mother that day he broke down and left Saarah in pain and when he return saarah kingdom was vanished some evil people killed all people of Saarah then he goes in search of them and there are so much things revealed in his journey,he met many people yeti n eagle and got to know Garud a giant eagle save him from evils power and gave him a Sword who belongs to Nasteya and he became more powerful and with the help of sword he go in search of Devyas (evil power) and what happened after that read this book .
It is a roaler coaster ride and very well explained every scene and place that you can imagine how it looks mountains ,river,island,woods,snowheaded mountains are described very well and each charcter is very well explained Vasu who is the Narrator of the story and little one Ayaan is so strong and confident.
Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ But one thing i want you please write sequal of this book.@authors_kiran_nirvan

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