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Narasimha by Kevin Missal

Narasimha by Kevin MissalThe Mahaavatar Trilogy


Harpercollins india

I must say Kevin Missal is emerged as a finest writer of our country,his writing is so convincing and flawless.Awesome storytelling with perfect narratives which makes this book an awesome read.

I always fascinated by the story of Prahlad and Hirnyakashyap,how Holika sit in fire with Prahlad and How Narasimha an Avatar of Lord Vishnu emerged to save Prahlad from his father. But this book just change all my myth and perception about this story and i am in totally awe of the interpretation of author. I totally loved it.
This book is perfect example of storytelling,it kept me hooked and I just took two days to finish it.i never read any mythological retelling so fast but it is like a movie every scene and place was so clear in my mind that it keep me hooked through out the book.

Content: story starts with Kayadhu hirnyakashyap’s wife fighting with Indra army and she gone to death by simha after that Hirnyakashyap wanted to take revenge from Indra so he always plan to attack on Illavarti(Indra place). Nara Simha moved out of battlefield because he thought that took life of innocent was not good and when he returns after 12 years to help his friend Shiva and save Pashupatastra from Andhaka a mad demon.but by mistake he killed Anuhrad and when Nara reliaze his mistake oh I can’t tell everything here, so do read to find out about Narasimha

Is he really a Vishnu Avatar to save Dharm or he is like any other simha or if he is then why he called Narasimha?
How Hirnyakashyap got boon of Brahma?

I really like the characters in this book Prahlad,Anuhrad his brother ,Narad his guru
Andhaka and Hirnyakashyap. Each character is defined so well and come out perfectly each one has its own importance I really like small characters like Dhriti, simikha and Viparchit.
Book filled with Raakshas, demon, pisaach and daanav have some light hearted scene too like love story of Anuhrad – Jyoti ,Viparchit-Simikha, Prahlad-Dhriti and Nara-chenchen which gives smile on my face so this story is filled with lots of emotions love, lust, betrayal, vengeance, power and father son love too.
Language is simple and lucid and narration is just awesome.I highly recommend this book to everyone go read i soon. I am looking forward to read part 2 of this book

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