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My Affair with Radha by Kunal Desai


Book Review : My Affair with Radha by Kunal Desai
This is my first review in 2019 actually i want to finish this wonderful book in 2018 but some functions at home so i cant manage to read but better late then never so i finished it as soon as i got free.
@myaffairwithradha Is awesome read and the way story was narrated is just brilliant it is like Krishna himself answers all the questions.
As name suggest it Radha Krishna divine love story but beyond love there is sepration of them.there are so many things like
* why Radha and Krishna seperated?
* why Radha is not called as Krishna’s wife?
*why Radha and Krishna incarnated on earth as human?
*why Krishna being a supreme god not lived with Radha after so much love,faith and respect ?
I really loved it very simply written and explained each and every little thing very beautifully.MahaRasLeela in Vrindaban is described very beautifully i loved that part.
Rating :4/5
This book clears so many questions arose in my mind it shows that it is a result of author’s detailed study of our literature like garg samhinta,geet govinda and others.
I must say illustration made by author is beautiful.
Must Read

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