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Lucky Costasaurus and the Golden winged vultures by Nomita Khanna

Q:Do u read children Books?
Lucky Costasaurus and the Golden-Winged Vultures by @nomitak
Pages : 315
Book Cover :Cover totally belong to children,its colorful and perfectly go with Book title.
Content:Thomas worked as a guard in Branganza farm ,one day he find a blue color egg which is quite big,after seveeal weeks egg hatched and a dinosaur came out,Peter and Eva kids of Brangza name him Lucky a dinosaur.soon every animal at farm and villagers started loving him.
One day Lucky felt like somebody takes an eye on him,something is wrong gonna happen with my loved ones.
In search of his real parents, where he belong to or how he lended up in a unique village where animals and human love and live together.
Peter and Eva joins Lucky to his journey from the fishing village in goa to the jungle,from the icy peaks of the north pole to the desert of Kucth.
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After long time i got across a freshly baked story for children which takes your heart away.so highly recommended for kids above 7.
This book i read with my son @read.books.dhruvin at bedtime daily and we both enjoyed a lot.


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