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I am always here with you by Himanshu Rai

I give five stars to this book because what author want to convey,is conveyed very beautifully word by word and heart to heart.while reading this book i was full of emotions and one warning in between the book:that very emotional people stop reading this book right away.according to me this warning is for me ,i am crying like a baby tears are rolling from my eyes throughout the book anyhow i manage to finish this beautiful love story or say father and son relationship.
Each character define beautifully,their relationship and their emotions potrayed very well.i accept i skip some pages when Kartik met with accident and Aashima came to see him in hospital , after so much effort i am not able to read it because my tears are falling like a waterfall after reading each word.
Each letter which Kartik wrote to his child written beautifully.i simply like it.must read
But WARNING: Very emotional people stay away from this book.


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