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Endurer by Kapil Raj

Book review:Endurer a rape story by Kapil Raj
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I could not think of a reason why a women had to be ashamed of her life.
Why all suffering to her when she was the one to get hurt?
I want everyone to read this beautiful book which describes and narrates very differently no Court case ,No Murder then How Palak took her revenge or she just lost all hope to get justice.you want to know then you have to read it.
Story of Palak and her rich friends Uday,Arav,Tanya,Ankita ,Rohin and Sam.who were first year college students and addicted to designer clothes,car,hangout,disco and alcohol.one day in a Rave party they take drugs and when they wake up next morning,life of Palak takes a upside down turn.
Language is simple and chosen of words are perfect.
Each and everything narrates beautufully it depicts the mindset of writer which make this book unique from others. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Highly Recommended

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