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Eleanor and Oliphant is completely fine by Gail honeyman

If someone asks me can I live life as Eleanor oliphant?
My answer is completely No.
Q:what is your answer? …
Read Review to find out your answer.
It’s completely fine when you have family, friends and someone special so that you can share what you want to, you can do what you want to, you can eat what you want to, you can go with them where you want to ,so live your life to the fullest it’s completely fine.

Book Review :Eleanor Oliphant is completely Fine @honeymangail @harpercollinsin …
This is the first time that I’m not posted anything since 4 days because I want to post about this book and it keeps me engrossed through out and I’m completely devastated by story of Eleanor Oliphant.This is a story of loneliness and pain and isolation.From first page story is so gripping and emotional that you just attached to Eleanor.
Eleanor is a girl who lives alone and had a very little contacts with other people.she has a set routine which is completely boring and totally away from social gathering.she had a past which she not shares with anyone.How she dealt with life challenges or how she overcome it that you have to read this book.
Story is completely moving and emotional and written beautifully.a bit of humour is also maintained throughout which keep you tickle in between.
So for me it’s completely fine.
Rating :⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thanks a lot @harpercollinsin for giving me opportunity to read this beautiful book.


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