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Daredreamers By Karthik and Ravi

Last book of April
And finally i finish it.
Book Review:Daredreamers by kartik sharma and Ravi Nirmal sharma 🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁

A start-up of superheroes

Author:Kartik sharma and Ravi Nirmal sharma

Pages:286 “How many good ideas die in the minds of brilliant people because they are too scared to let go of what they are holding on to.” Book cover is good tells you about story but it could be better so that attracts more people.

BookName is doing full justice with storyline and name is catchy.

Language is simple and lucid.Choice of words and phrases are superb.

Narration is perfect and flows till the end,sometimes too much description of their job and repetition of scenes could be avoided.starting of story is very good and intresting it keep me hooked till end.

Content:story about a boy named Rasiq whose having a dream of becoming investment Banker and after IIM he got his first job in Bank on a good salary,but work pressure and behaviour of other employee and his lack of sleep distract him from job so he decided to quit.

After that he met with his old friend Nick and he got an idea of starting a Start-up of superheroes and story takes a turn

  1. Will their start up succeed or not?
  2. Will they get investment for all that they need to make it successful?
  3. Will they get the clients to make it profitable?
  4. Was Rasiq’s decision of leaving the job a good one or bad?

There are so many questions which are answered here that you have to read this book.

This book also helps you in many ways to fulfill your dreams and it gives you courage to took a bold step to follow your dreams.

So it is called

Full review on my blog link in bio
My Rating:3.5⭐️/5⭐️

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