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The eight wives of Krishna by Radha Viswanath

Very nice story and i just fell in love with Krishna.Krishna the eternal lover,is beleived to have charmed the hearts of every woman he came across.

as we all know we read about many stories about Krishna in Mahabharta ,vishnu Puran and Bhagwat,we genrally know Rukmini and Satyabhama as Krishna wife and 16000more wife and how they got marry .

But in this book why Krishna married their eight wives gentle Rukmini,arrogant Satyabhama,Tapsvini kalindi,princess Mitravinda,jambvinti ,Nagnajiti,Bhadra and Lakshna .how their relations with Krishna ,in which condition he have to marry them for his love and their eternal love for Krishna.A beautiful narration by author about eight wives or Ashtamahishi.

Some charcters like Balram,Radha,Subhadra and others are also potrayed well.love with this book

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