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Ashoka and the Nine Unknown by Anshul Dupare

Qotd:Do u like historical fiction?
Ashok and The Nine Unknown @anshuldupare
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Book Review: What have i done? If this is. victory,what,then,is defeat?
These are the words of Ashok after Kalinga war when he saw battlefield of corpses.
There is a wounded man Amritya who lost his one eye,two hands and a whole in his stomach,Ashok want to help him but he cursed Ashok and jumped in river.
After that Ashok heart was changed and he started helping his people and said No to war.He is going in search of knoweldge and he converted to Buddhism.
One day he asked his minister Radhagupta to search 9 people who are experts in 9subjects like Propaganda of war,physiology,microbiology,Alchemy,communication,Gravitation,cosmoligy and sociology.This way Nine unknown formed and they studied different subjects and helped Ashok in his Vision.
In this book there are vast subject taken related to that time ,We could relate his knoweldge in terms of infrastructure because he build Saanchi stupa,Ashok Stambh and our national emblem.
This book takes you to a fantasy ride to Mayong a magical city and Egypt for Sphinx a statue of lion.
I am glad that i read this book its way beyond my imagination.
Author job is faboulous ,awesome narration style,character well defined ,writing style superb totally liked it.full review on my blog link in bio
Recommended to everyone
My Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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