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Aavahan by Saurabh kudesia

Book Review:Aahvan by Saurabh Kudesia ✒️Book name :Aahvan by Saurabh Kudesia
As name doing full justice with book Aahvan means call out something or some person. ✒️Book cover is so intriguing and well designed with a chakra and shastra around it.
✒️Content:This story about Rohan his wife priyanka and their son ,one they met with an accident and Rohan and his son dead and story takes a turn.
Rohan friend Jayant who is also a police officer came for their help.After Rohan and his son Crimination ,a series of different incident started happening and his family always suspect about Rohan mysterious life.
✒️There are so many pandulipis and things related to ancient time found in his room.
Now i can’t tell more about it.
You have to read this book to know more about it.
✒️There are so many secrets revealed in this book and more in Part 2 so i am eagerly waiting for part 2.
✒️My Opinion:after so many long time i read such a good book in hindi which i can enjoy reading.book is unputdownable when i started reading but book length is 500 and language is hindi so it will take some time otherwise its an entertaining,full of mystery and a complete thriller.
✒️And most importantly mythology fan there is a treat here you can read more about Mahabharta and sri Krishna and some intresting facts too.
✒️Author research is commendable and story is well crafted so it can keep you hooked till last page,there is no point of time so you can thought of boring.
One thing bit disappoint me that too much blood or description about death so sometime i feel creepy.
Overall an awesome read
My Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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