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Interview of Gayatri Mavuru

Gayatri Mavuru is a Bhubaneswar based writer, poet, artist, social activist, choreographer, educator, and social entrepreneur. She is the
founder and managing trustee of Sri Gayatri Vidya Vikas Educational Trust, which is dealing with women empowerment, education for underprivileged, promoting education among slum children, promoting art, culture, literature and heritage. She is the founder and Director of Cherry Blossoms Pre School.
She is the author of “Sizzling Verses – Drizzling Colours ” a unique creation of poems with paintings. Her poetry and paintings have been published in various Intercontinental,
International and National magazines. She had also contributed her poems in more than 10 Anthologies. Recently she got featured in “W&Art” magazine, Women’s Art Talk Magazine, featuring contemporary women in art. She describes herself as a painter turned poet since the colours on her palette inspire her to paint her verses.

1. What inspired you to start painting?

Ans: Art is something that I love to do. I paint for me, I paint for relaxation, for the joy of mixing colours. Empty canvas makes me go crazy.

2. Do you have a muse to each painting?

Ans: Yes. I do have a muse for each painting. These muses are wordless yet colourful. Panting is something that consumes my thoughts and has become a side note of my life.

3. What do you try to depict in your paintings?

Ans: I try to pour my heart on the canvas. These colours allowed me to express what I feel without being judgmental

4. How do you feel while you paint?

Ans: I feel like I am meditating while painting. A pool of thoughts yet so calm and composed.

5. Is there any particular subject/concept you like painting more?

Ans: I like to do women portraits, Nature and Buddha. I love to do paintings in series. Till date, I have done more than 130 paintings. Currently, I am working on different themes and techniques.

6. What has been your biggest challenge in painting?

Ans: Being a self-taught artist had been my biggest challenge but that helped me doing experiments with different styles. I couldn’t replicate my own paintings. Every time I try to do so I create a new one. And that made me what I am today. Unique and fresh paining in every single attempt.

7. How many hours do you spend for painting?

Ans: There is no particular time for painting. whenever I feel like touching colours I paint no matter whether it is a midnight or a hectic day, if I feel like painting, I paint that very moment. I never calculated the hours I spent painting in a day.

8. Can you tell us more about the painting used as the cover of the magazine?

Ans: The painting used as the cover is from my “BHOOMI” series. Every painting in this series carries some mixed emotions like happiness, sorrow, helplessness, and hope. The eyes depict the pain but the spark on lips stands for hope. This is a watercolor painting on a handmade paper.

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