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Wonderful Whites by Diwakar Bansal

Stop violence Against Doctors 💊💊 💊Nowadays there are lot of cases registered as violence in hospital recently we saw in Kolkatta in Medical College it seems like who saves our life and we are after their life or say reputation.

So its high time we as related to medico or not we stood behind them and support them.Medical profession is a reputed profession from beginning and we called them as God so respect Doctors and their hard work. 💊Want to know your thoughts on violence against Doctors!! 💊Book Review :Wonderful Whites By Diwakar Bansal ‘Life of a medical student comes to full stop before the final countdown of exams.’I really like the book because of storyline and writing style of author which makes this book very simple.this book depicted life of a medical student when he entered in Medical College,starting with ragging, hostel life, room partners their study,how much pressure they have to go through becoming a doctor.This book is based on S. N. Medical College jodhpurs where Rohan and Rishi took admission because they got very high rank in PMT. Their parents are also renowned doctors of Jodhpur but there are also some students like Preeti who comes from a normal family where only she is hoping to becoming Doctor. Apart from hardwork which every medical student put in to becoming a Doctor,there are so much scene full with light hearted comedy,love story and friendship it shows how they become a family and helping each other out. I love reading ragging part now

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