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The Wise Man said by Priya Kumar

Book Review :The Wise Man Said


“The only truth is Now and that is forever”I never found a self help or inspirational book so inspiring as I found this one The Wise man said by Priya Kumar. As name is perfect title for this book and book cover is amazing and a treat to eyes. I must say Priya done magic in her book ,I found a sense of relief with calmness in her words, story is just magically written, motivating and extraordinary. It gives you so much in return that u found peace and it takes you to a journey of meeting with yourself. storytelling is the main highlight of this book narration is like in flow that you go through easily. Language is also very simple. Story is about Naina a writer who met a 80year old man Sammy the main protagonist of this story who is a wanderer and wrote all his experience in his diary and he give his diary to Naina which later published as The wise man said. The whole book is like a diary written by Sammy and all his life experiences so overall it’s a wonderful read and an amazing experience to read this book and I am looking forward to read new releases from Priya.Thanks a lot for signed copy with a beautiful message.Q:Any life lesson that you learned by yourself? #motivationalquotes#motivation#speakers #bookshelf #bookreviewer #bookmail #bookreview #bookblog #read #bookgiveaway #unitedbookstagram #booknook #bookwormforlife #bookwormsunite #booklet #catsofinstagram #instapic

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