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The Temple Stop by Harinder Cheema

Book Review: The Temple Stop @authorharindercheema

@bluerose_publishers Q:Do you believe in Prayers? This book is a very simple and sweet story filled with love, emotions, kindness and selfless people.language of book is very simple and lucid as story flows in such a way that you go on and on. I really like the simplicity of characters and the whole story. Story is about a boy Yodha who wants to become a soldier and serves our country like his name. He met a beautiful girl Parneet and fall in love at first sight, both are madly in love with each other soon their family got to know and fix their marriage.Yodha and Perneet planted two sapling and called then Veer and veeean and called them their kids. One day yodha martyred in a terrorist attack before their marriage and story takes a turn here. What happened to Parneet? How these two plants become so famous and people started worshipping them? There are lot of things that you have to read to know. 📌story is simple and a tale of selfless love. 📌it shows how martyred family being survived after their death.full respect for our Indian soldiers. 📌sometimes I feel like there is more of miraculous things in this era of practicality, which keep me thinking but I know Belief has a real power. So its OK. 📌characters are simple and very rare kind of people which we can’t found in daily basis who helped and worked for mankind. 📌love the quality of book and paper and book cover is also intresting and relatable. Rating:3.5⭐#bo

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