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The Red line by Tanmay Dubey

On March 27, Indian Prime Minister, announced that the country had successfully launched an anti-satellite missile🚀 in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). With that, India became only the fourth country to test an Anti-Satellite (ASAT) weapon – used to attack enemy satellites or interceptingballistic missiles – after the US, China, and Russia.But whole world like USA, China and Pakistan against India. 🚀Why the world is unhappy with India’s anti-satellite missile test.

This book has all the answers so its a must read book. Book Review :The Red Line @leotanmayd 🚀This book is just awesome,unputdownable and we’ll written story based on real incidents.storyline is superb,a murder mystery with suspense and thriller so full on an entertaining read. Book starts with a murder in metro train at Red line which looks like a heart attack but Hanumant Shastri a inspector of Delhi police suspected and feels like its a murder and start investigation and his investigation leads him to a trap that his life is also come at stake somebody want to kill him, one incident leads to another. There are lot of mystery and thrill in story which unfolds later and there are lot ofquestions which are answered later in book. I like the characters which are well described Hanumant character is my favorite he believes in his Dharma, and put his duty and country always first ,his assistant Azhar who respect his boss and colonel Matrika and sushant are very well written and each character has its own importance lik

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