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The Ramayana Secret

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My Monday is going very good as its first Monday of Saavan Month and it’s a month of God Shiva and I found my inner peace in just taking his name. Om Namah Shivaay Book Review :The Ramayana Secret@theramayanasecret@anuraagchandra@ombookshop

As I heard about this book i thought it is like a retelling of mythology,i read and heard a lot about Ramayana as it is our holy book but this book comes as a fresh breeze for mythology lovers which just change my perspective towards mythological fiction and hats off to author for his depth thinking and wide research and according to me it’s a must read for mythology lovers.As story starts bit slow and little confusing but after 10-15 pages story takes a pace which will keep me bound through out and this book revealed so many secrets related to Ramayana like my mind blow out after reading ,there are many points like I think really it is true but story seems fully relevant.Each scene or many things like sita’s birth, Ram relation to outer earth and there are explaining a relationship between inner earth(Paatal) with Outer earth and Raavan want to rule the inner earth so Ram incarnated on outer earth from inner earth to save Earth from evil hands of Raavan. There is lot more to read and know about Ramayana’s Secret. Cover is good but could be more better.language is also simple and narration is goes with flow and keep u engaged till the end. Must read and recommended Rating :4.25⭐#read #ram #ramayan #hanuman #r

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