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The New Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Augustus Black

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Q:Your favorite children classics? Book Review :The new adventures of Tom Sawyer @augustusblack50E-book Pages:95 📌As I came across this book The new adventures of Tom Sawyer ,this name fascinate me as lot of memories associated of childhood with this book so i quickly download it and start reading it. Name is old but story is new with fresh feel we need so many new books for kids so they can read on his own and cherish their childhood. So thanks to author for such a very well written story and continue journey of Tom Sawyer. As like name book is full of adventures of Tom and his friends huckleberry and James. Every scene is defined beautifully like mountains, river and hilltop makes it more natural. Once Tom, James and Huckleberry goes for picnic in woods and they saw four men talking around a campfire about a girl they kidnapped, Tom heard their talks next day they came to know Mrs Simon’s daughter is kidnapped so they decided to bring her daughter back. In this adventure Tom friends are lost in dark woods and now story begins. Are they able to set free this girl or any other adventure awaits Tom.To know more you have to read this book its an awesome read specially for kids. Language is simple and lucid narration is perfect and goes with flow, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book at no point of time i feel like bored or something. So I highly recommend to everyone. #ebookreader #ebookread #ebook #kindle #amazon #goodreads #readingday #r

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