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The Last Ball Six By Pradeep Kapoor

Book Review :The Last Ball Six @pkapoorp

Q:your favorite Cricketer or cricket team? World Cup is over but not the fever of cricket specially for us Indian we are different species in terms of cricket we just eat cricket, sleep cricket and just talk about Cricket so this story is also belong to a mad cricket fan Titu urf Tajinder Tuteja, he is not only very good in playing cricket but only in cricket, all other things like study is just secondary things. He got his love Nillotama through cricket.Story is a light and entertaining read and very well written about Titu life story from childhood to till last ball six.story is fast pace but in some chapters I felt little slow. It keep me entertained through out I feel like I am watching a series chapter by chapter .characters are well described and developed and inspired from real life.names of characters and places are very funny.some of the things I liked comparing mangoes witn brother which one got bigger I also used to do same in my childhood too. My fav. Lines: Cricket and Love have much in common,To play a long innings, you must leave the balls pitching outside the off stump. If you are a cricket lover and want to read some light hearted laughter riot you can pick this book.#cricket #worldcup #australia #westindiescricket #viratkohli #dhoni #bookstagram #doctorwriting #bookshelf #booksbooksbooks #readersofinstagram #instapic

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