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The Code of Manavas by Arpit Bakshi

Book Review :The Code of Manavas By Arpit Bakshi

Q:Do u read any science fiction ?Suggest any. By the book cover I thought of its a mythological fiction but OMG it’s a way beyond my imagination and set some two million years past AD 2050.Book cover is intresting it tells about mythology part and referring to science.Language is simple and lucid but science related vocabulary is little tough.but glossary in the end help to understand their meanings.Characters are well described and developed, I really fell in love with Krishna’s character.name of all characters are also inspired by mythology like Mohan, Shyam, vittal,vasudev and Radhika.Narration of the story is good but in starting I took some time to bend into story but after that it takes pace and hooked me till end.There is a great blend of science and mythology, in true manner it’s a science fiction and very well used of lord Krishna character with a twist in this book.Krishna main protagonist of this story is a Scientist and a researcher who saved modern man and turned them into Manavas by the use of Bhoomidium a special compound developed by him. Earth is come to an end and he developed new places for Manavas to reside called Bhoomi but there are some people who wants to destroy Krishna and will Krishna able to save manavas from evil powers? there are lot more to read.It’s a treat for science lover and mythology too there are lot of things related to future like moon divided into two parts and half is revolving around earth at faster speed. Use of space and time and it also shows over ambitions of man takes earth towards its end. There are lot of some kind of scenes which are written beautifully.Author imagination power is mind blowing and I am looking forward to read next book of series. I highly recommend to those who love reading mythology and sci-fi too.

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