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The Belated bachelor party by Ravinder singh

Hello everyone

✨ how’s your weekend going?Mine is very busy with some household work but in between i finished this book The Belated Bachelor party by Ravinder Singh. ✨It’s a wonderful book based on friendship a relationship which is not forced on us but we choose them.This is story of four married friends who will go on a trip to Europe without their wife sounds intresting no but their trip become so hilarious and adventurous with lots of twists and turns .its a fun read and easy too. I thoroughly enjoyed the Punjabi language through out the book and humour part is good too.✨So I highly recommend this book to all my friends. Q:what friendship means to you?Thanks @harpercollinsin @thisisravinder For book I won this in a giveaway on FB.#books #book #read #reader #bookstagram #unitedbookstagram #bookmail #giveaway #nerd #bibliophile #igread #booklove #bookreviews #recommended

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